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    Buyers beware

    Hello all..
    I was a subscriber to Winpicks software which is available thru Microbrothers for over 20 years and last year was my last!! Former owner Mike sold out to an accounting outfit in 2019 who obviously must of had a son that wanted a side gig...AND HE RUINED IT!!

    Former owner Mike Lombard invented the program over 20 plus years ago, made the program available for purchase. He would do yearly improvements and would add new features based on emailed responses from those that had purchased the programs, Mike was ALWAYS available via email to answer any questions.

    The ENTIRE schedule for all of the NFL / College Football and NBA / College Basketball teams were loaded and ready to go when Mike released the program for that season....usually about the first week or two in July which gave you plenty of time to look a head and find key situations for betting advantage with regard to teams playing on the road for 3rd straight week or on the road for 3rd or 4th time in a 5 week span to name a few for example.

    The new folks that run Winpicks now are TERRIBLE, the very first thing they did was jack up the price of the programs by nearly double what Mike sold the programs for and then give really really really shoddy service!! I stayed them over the past two years because I really liked the programs and of course I was totally used to the workings of the program having purchased it for the previous 20 years...thought I would give them a shot.

    Over the past two seasons that I purchased the Parlay Pack from these new owners, which is a bundle of all Football and Basketball (like I have done year in and year out), NONE of the schedules for any teams in any sport were uploaded and installed at the start of the season....they did everything week to week and nearly last minute!!

    The current NFL slate of Sunday games would end for example, as a handicapper you want to get a jump on next weeks line up of contests....BUT YOU CAN'T look ahead to see who is playing who until the following Tuesday or Wednesday when they "decide" to update the programs for the upcoming games....you actually have to go to ESPN to see the upcoming schedule for the upcoming week or ask Mr.Google to find the schedule for you....is it sooooooo wrong to ask for what you paid for which is handicapping program to assist you in making betting decisions based on statistics and schedules which should be readily accessible in a paid for program?

    Over the past two years I have emailed the new owners at least a dozen times or so about the scheduling issue, not one time have I ever received a response from them! Its truly sad to see how they have run Mike's baby into the dirt....buyer beware because you WILL NOT be a happy camper and you buy this software off these new owners!

    Take care and be well

    Jim Campbell...


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    LMAO, you sound like a tout that bought someone else's work and resold it as your own.

    Oh wait, you are.

    Delete your post or a mod will, there is no service plays section anymore and referencing your tout website will get your post edited. Tryng to advertise your service by bashing some other guy is real classy.

    Come up with your own ratings guy, do your own work.

    Love that part where you say people should listen to you because you travelled the world as a marine and traveled the US as a truck driver.

    Hey Tout Jimbo, I have a bag of 10 marbles, 7 red and 3 black. I'll bet you even money that you can't pull two consecutive red marbles out of the bag. Once you take a marble, you do not put it back in the bag.

    Do you take the bet?

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    Best thing would be to leave the post untouched but delete the account so the op can't remove the post. That way others could start internet threads on other sites pointing out the op's scam.