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    Does anyone trade live NBA games?

    I've recently found some time off of work/school to start doing this, was wondering if anyone else has been doing it for a long time with books like BetFair. The odds on Betfair always over react to the point difference in a game. For example if a team is leading by 10-20, the odds drop heavily on the favorite, and then go back up when the lead is cut. This leaves a lot of opportunity to hedge a bet or ensure wins from both sides, since these kinds of leads get cut way too often. The problem is you need to have the experience and patience to follow the trend.

    This seems like a much more profitable way of betting this sport rather than pre-match betting. The fact that most games are decided in the final 2 minutes leaves lots of room to exploit fluctuating odds. I'm new to trading the NBA, but the 'live' trading possibilities seem pretty amazing. Anyone have any experience or know what I'm talking about?

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    Hey I've started doing live betting on 5dimes for NBA games recently and I'd be interested too in hearing if anyone has any real experience doing this. I've been able to be slightly profitable but my betting strategy is all qualitative and I have no idea whether this would be profitable in the long run. So far to me it seems that teams down big are generally undervalued but I have nothing real to back this up.

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    live wagering is a real skill. It's not something the avg. person could ever figure out how to do sucessfully. You need to really understand how numbers are posted and will be posted at different junctures of a game/match etc. It takes a ton of experience and lots of hard losses to figure out how this stuff really works!!