I've always been a message board junkie and frequent roughly a dozen different ones. A couple features that I really like and might be worth considering here:

A "Like" button - this seems to cut down a lot on useless short posts as people can just show support by "liking" a post rather than making a quick reply.

Notifications when you log in when one of your posts has been quoted or liked - It can be hard to remember all of the posts you made and when you get notifications it makes it easy to remember and find them again.

Moderating - This is one I see all over the map between different sites. Some moderate to death, close threads and never let discussions get off the ground. Others have basically no moderation and it's the wild west. This site obviously has a lot of banter (sometimes a bit over the top) going back and forth between posters but the subject matter seems to fit that. Afterall, it's not like sports bettors are discussing bible verses. Overall, I appreciate the way it's run and think you guys do it just about right. Not too much moderation but it's definitely there when needed.

I've been frequenting a board recently called, "flyertalk.com" - it deals with all forms of travel with a heavy focus on air, ************, mileage programs and a whole bunch of other stuff. I mention it becuase it is absolutely massive and has a HUGE amount of traffic. It's kind of interesting case study in message boards if you're ever looking for one.

Thanks for all you guys do.... this is an overall great board.