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    Quote Originally Posted by ronjon619 View Post
    and Del Negro has nothing to do with that team. Vinny has a better style and chemistry than all other previous bosses.

    True true. Vinny is panic master. Doing a good job lately. Clips wont win more than 38 games.

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    Just cannot see LA Clippers pulling off winning the west-stranger things have happened[ala SF Giants]

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    who is the bitch in my avy???
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    What a ******* waste of money. Kids in Africa dont have shit to eat yet we make bets like these... The world is a ****** place.

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    if only the clippers can improve their away games performance,

    lion at home
    chickens away !!

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    Might be worth a flier.

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    no chance in hell

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    the problem is not so much with the clippers being bad, as with the spurs, hornets, lakers, blazers being good.....no chance at all sorry

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    If I put a dollar on it, I get back $300 . A penny, $3
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    Clippers ??? why not buy lottery instead ?

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    The only problem if they get in the playoffs either at the 7 or 8 seed is that they will be playing SA and LAL in rounds 1 and 2. Then they'll have to play OKC or Dal. At 30k to 1 odds though it is a good investment. It's not profitable though as you won't get enough opportunities to make a bet at these odds to finally hit.

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