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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuse0323 View Post
    I don’t get the outrage. Look at all the greats throughout history that haven’t been unanimous.
    Quote Originally Posted by 2daBank View Post
    There been far better players that didn’t get every vote. Maybe it a asshole move but dunno why he more deserving of every vote than many greater players who didn’t get them all?
    Quote Originally Posted by JAKEPEAVY21 View Post
    Jeter was a great player but nowhere close to one of the greatest of all time. Far better players didn't get the unanimous vote either.
    Quote Originally Posted by 2daBank View Post
    Bingo. I know it blasphemy but put him on some shit team and nobody sucking him off. Playing on the team that spent the most made him.
    Quote Originally Posted by jtoler View Post
    babe ruth has a lower hof vote percentage so these voting percentages are stupid and dont matter

    For 11 seasons he wasn't even the best shortstop on his own team

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    Quote Originally Posted by mngambler View Post
    so you're just as dumb as this writer is...got it
    I didn't think this as douche would show up in this thread again.

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