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    Bridge Player Receives One Year Ban For Doping

    Bridge authorities should look at the sport's "totally unsuitable" anti-doping rules after world number one Geir Helgemo was banned for a year, says the Monaco Bridge Federation.

    Helgemo, who is Norwegian but represents Monaco in the card game, tested positive for banned substances Clomifene - a female fertility drug - and synthetic testosterone.

    His ban will expire on 20 November.

    The Monaco Bridge Federation said it "regrets" Helgemo's sanction.

    "Experience shows that anti-doping regulation cannot be applied without discernment to the brain sport of mind games," the federation's president, Gilbert Vivaldi, told BBC Sport.

    "Do you think testosterone levels can seriously influence intellectual performance?

    "We regret that a talent such as Geir Helgemo is sanctioned under an anti-doping regulation that is certainly adapted to physical sport but totally unsuitable for brain sport.

    "We hope that this event will prompt interested authorities to look into this problem."

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    I read this the other day

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    oh wow

    BRIDGE player caught?

    i am sure all of the TROLLS will come out for this one

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    For Bridge??? C'mon man.

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