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    Quote Originally Posted by kidcudi92 View Post
    Been working on the Neon Pythons

    ill help you for free....

    Wanna drop to 170 though

    15ish to unload

    Not sure if I just run on a treadmill or what the fukk is best. Might just throw the $ for a PT
    Incline walk for 15 minutes, run 8, 25 second sprints after that.... 4 meals a day. (6eggs for breakfast, (1 whole 5 egg whites) and half a cup or oatmeal or two slices of Ezekiel toast, 6oz white fish and veggies for lunch, 6 oz of grass fed beed with a 6 oz potato before you workout, whey shake after, and then ground turkey or chicken breast with salad for dinner.. you'll build an overall better product that way.

    Train one muscle set a day and stay consistent with that cardio and you'll be good. the portions is the most difficult part.. don't waste money on a trainer.. remember, its in their best interest for you not to get into shape.... they're basically human versions of a casino.

    you can take my advice or not, but I make the guy in JTS's avi look like Rosanne Barr if you're wondering if the advice I just game you works.

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    reigle10-15 taking down the top 5 prizes in the nascar contest

    lol if i wasnt so lazy id make them just to see if they noticed/cared whatsoever

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    Thank ya fellas


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    Lifetime ban warranted

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    this thread started off hot, but once everyone got liquored up, it started losing wood, like me on babe no. 9 or 10 at a full swinger's house party.....

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First 123