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    Teams are calling the Lions about Calvin Johnson.

    Lions approached about trading Calvin Johnson's rights
    9:50 AM ET

    Adam SchefterESPN Senior Writer

    Over the past week, two teams have spoken to the Detroit Lions about potentially trading for Calvin Johnson's rights before Tuesday's NFL trade deadline, league sources told ESPN.
    Calvin Johnson holds the NFL record for receiving yards in a season and is Detroit's franchise leader in almost every major receiving category. Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

    Figuring they had nothing to lose, the Lions told teams to reach out to Johnson to gauge his reaction, but so far it has been non-committal at best, diminishing any hopes for a deal, sources said.

    Johnson, 32, has not played since the 2015 season and would have to be willing to play for any team that traded for his rights. There remains doubt that Johnson even would be willing to return at this time.

    But at least two other teams have been curious enough to at least inquire within the past week. If any team decides it wants to add a pricey receiver for a second-half run, Detroit would be willing to listen.

    The Lions declined comment, as did Johnson's representative, Bus Cook.

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    Probably the Patriots and some other team who could go all the way.

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    the nfl trade deadline sucks nobody makes any trades

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowball View Post
    Probably the Patriots and some other team who could go all the way.
    yup, it would all depend on the team, Johnson ain't coming back to play for the freakin Cincinnati Bengals or some other low/mid tier scrub team. You'd almost think he'd want to give it 1 more shot with a winning team, play only half a season and still make a few million and have a shot at a ring.

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    He should go play for Pitt, Philly, or Houston.