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    May sound strange, but you may want to combine it with some sort of program that keeps you centered, because there is no greater rollercoaster ride than gambling. Doesn't matter what it is. Karate, tai chi, yoga, whatever. Gamblers only really lose when they lose themselves.

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    very cool thread. at 23, what is holding you back? you will always have a job in accounting waiting for you. do it now while you can or you may be saying "what if..." for the rest of your life. while i agree that it is more difficult than most realize, if it is something that you want it's worth the extra effort.

    how about you ask some fellow accountants that have had nothing but accounting jobs for the last 20 years how they handle the 9 to 5 bit? that might make it really easy.

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    The first one is ok, the second is the road to bankruptcy.

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    i know,not smart. it was huuuge for me though. miami heat to win the series. thank god that won.. i wanted to put down even more when they were down 2-0 but i held back

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    Quote Originally Posted by bubba
    id say my average play is about 1/40 my bankroll. and the highest i have done was over 1/5th my bankroll. dont know if those are good

    20% of your bankroll on one game is never good my friend......you will learn thats what ya call a coaster ride and what pros try to avoid. A true pro or someone who pays their bills with gambling cash would never and i mean never put 20% of their entire roll on one game. Your bankroll, whatever it is, should be divided into 100 units(100%)......you should never go over 5% of your entire bankroll....some will say 3%...and i really cant argue with that.

    GL to ya,


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    keep working on your money management and if you have some personal issues, it's probably best to take some time off and work through them before you start playing again...

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    Thanks for your reply bubba. Yes, 20% is mighty large. Glad you won. I think 1/40 is a little high, be careful. Many pros have said 1-2% of your bankroll is recommended for avg. plays.

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    Your still young, think about serving your country. You can meet a lot of interesting people and travel the globe.

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    make sure you go out and bang other broads to keep your mind of this chick...

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    I dropped out of college to play video games professionally... It's sort of like gambling, as you have to win to get paid.

    After my skills eroded after about 2 years (hehe, too old to play video games top notch), I've bounced around from career to career and the only 2 things I can say I've steadily done consistently profitably over a long period is betting sports and playing cards. I still play for very small (and in some cases - micro) stakes and grind out a very tough life for myself.

    Sure I could work and make my life easier, gambling 60-80+ hours/week (capping included) really takes a toll when your profits go right to rent.

    I'd say, if you wanted to do this for any sustainable time, you have to have a minimum of 6 months rent/utils/food, etc stowed away (a huge mistake I made) in reserve - and that is 100% untouchable. Then figure out about how many bets you generally do over a period of time, about - then figure out a 'worst case' scenario where you are profitable, and how many bets, at that percentage it will take - and at what amount you bet, about - and figure out the right number you need to live per bet (aside from the reserve funds) during that period (you can do it by season, month, quarterly, whatever).

    Once you have that kind of money, and have had enough experience over a couple of years and taken some hard runs - and realize that even when you run bad, you have to stick to what makes you good at what you do - and the law of averages says that you won't stay down for long.

    I think you really need a couple of cold streaks to really consider this as a career choice. You need a belly of iron most days, but it sure can be done.

    Now, with that all said, another HUGE thing to consider is - do you have a backup plan?
    Backup plans are rough, because you don't want that visualization in your head. If you have a sound one, though (like your career and maybe family you could crash with indefinitly if you run bad, or whatever), then what the hell, man - give it a shot.

    Just be aware that once you take that path, it's VERY hard to go back to being a corporate shnook (I can't do it - but I think I might for a year or so, to get my love back for playin cards). Plus, if you have a good run for a few years and get broke - you might be too far removed from your career. That's something to consider, also.

    But in the end, if capping is what you love, and you do well enough to turn a profit - do what your heart tells you and make it work, man. It's a hard life - and not having that stability that work gives you makes it harder. If you can structure yourself, be disciplined and just f it up, you can definitly do it.

    If you do, hell, I'm cheerin for ya. Anyone that takes these robbers' money is on MY team as far as I'm concerned. If you don't, I'm cheerin for you, also. I respect a 9 to 5r. I sure as hell can't be that guy - at least right now.:>

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    excellent post mcba1n...I suck at halo by the way...

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    Bottom line is most guys that do this for a living just make enought to pay the bills. They are not even close to upper middle class income so why do it?

    94% of sports bettors lose long term

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    jj's always good for these types of percentages...

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    If you want something with more excitement, the FBI likes to hire accountants to be their agents. It helps to have someone who can trace the bad guy's money.

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