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^ Mac you have become a total liberal trolling faagg on SBR. You suck, your posts suck and so does your Cleveland Cavs basketball team. Bend over and suck it pal.
When is the last time you've ever gotten ANYTHING right? You don't have enough money to move to Florida so you come here and bitch about people in your back yard, kicking ass, making money right under your nose. Some of those folks came to Santa Monica with the shirts on their backs and they now have thriving businesses and running you out of there because you can't pay the rent. Get your life together and stop blaming Mexicans, Blacks, Asians, etc., for your losses. Grow up because being broke is quite childish.

You are only left with bashing other people to make yourself feel good about your situation. It's sad that you have so much hate in your heart for people that are different than you. You say you are a Christian. One day you will have to answer for how you mock and mistreat other people. Jesus says "what you did for the least of my brothers..."