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when the only fatigue involved in the sport is when you travel on the plane, winning that many in a row is possible. literally wake up the next day feeling like you did nothing the previous day (unless you're a pitcher). as long as avoid injury, think many teams can do this if they're mentally up for it. a lot of pro athletes tune out when there are that many games in a year. imagine if these guys actually took care of their bodies and watched what they ate. you could build the best baseball team ever. Defense would be incredible if guys with mike trout build were ordinary outfield players. and that guy is in great shape but lets face it most nba players and nfl running backs are even more athletically built than him. that's how some of these guys can look like if they just put in the work. but these clowns wanna eat hot dogs and not workout and bullshit while every other pro athlete like novak djokovic nadal or nba players are working out for 10 hours a day and drinking room temperature water to save their stamina....

do baseball players even realize how bad a hot dog is for you? it's literally pure shit. how you can be a pro athlete and put that shit in your body weekly is fukking beyond me. even some of these young rookie nfl/nba players realize quick that mcdonalds isn't gonna cut it if you want to dominate the game. difference is they actually burn off the bullshit they eat.
once the cubs inserted that fat fukk schwarber into their lineup this year they started to regress. Ever since cabrera been packing on more and more weight my tigers are going down hill and he deals with more and more injuries. i see the guy too every now and then around town eating straight bullshit. bro we paid you 300 million dollars! go to the fukking gym! damn! fukking guys. if he just lost 30 pounds (easy as f when you're that weight) and increased his speed a bit, we would have won a world series. But no. He's not mentally strong enough to take on the challenge. Neither are 80% of baseball players. Joke of a sport.
Goat make a video of you running the bases while wearing all of your gold chains