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    goldengoats nfl teaser of the week

    10 point teaser 3 teams

    bears +16.5
    only way pitt gets +16 on bears is via turnover disasters by the bears offense
    banged up big ben vs best d is the league?
    clock will be a ticking as both teams run and eat clock
    no one wins big

    colts +.5
    jags got a good d but so do the colts
    the comparison in offenses is not close
    again only way jags can win is turnover disaster by colts offense

    chiefs +13
    dallas not know for putting up big numbers
    chiefs can score with the best of them when healthy (especially the offensive line)
    if the chiefs lose it will be a squeaker

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    Good luck goldengoat.

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    that teaser is perfect

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    i'm not so sure about the bears +16.5 because, i could see a steeler blowout in this game IMHOO

    never the less good luck with your teaser bud