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    Pick 5 Payout


    I am trying to understand how my pick 5 payout is calculated and i do not understand. Below is my wager and payout information from Gulfsteams website. When i calculate my payout manually i do not come to the same number.

    Price per bet $0.50 total ticket cost $144.00
    12/20/18 Gulfstream Park Race 6 pick 5

    Race 10
    $1 Pick 5 3/3,13/1/9/6 4,654.70

    I would assume that the winning is half of $4,654.70 which is $2,327.35 but my ticket says $2,599.05. Im not complaining but i want to be able to better estimate what my winnings will be next time.

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    Gulfstream pays out a consolation 4 of 5 on pic 5....it’s is one of just a couple who do and thus the reason your payout is more as you have quite a few consolation tickets