MGM Grand Sports & Race Book Review

One of the most popular hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, the MGM Grand is a heck of a venue that has to be seen at least once by all Sin City goers. The MGM Grand features the biggest casino in Las Vegas, and it is the biggest resort that the city has to offer, making it one of the biggest venues in the entire world. So many of the world's biggest events have come to the MGM Grand, including a number of crucial title fights in boxing.

The downer from our standpoint is that the sports and race book really is relatively small. Yes, there are plenty of seats for a small 5,000+ square foot area, but the 100 theatre style seats really only offer access to some smaller televisions and a few enormous ones. If you want to watch all of the games at one time, this probably isn't the sports book for you. Want to catch just the one big one over the course of the day? Then the MGM is right up your alley.

There are just 17 betting windows, and matters can get crowded on a college football Saturday or an NFL Sunday. There are plenty of electronic signboards as well, though that has come to be just a standard and an expectation in the industry.

An interesting feature that the MGM Grand has that few other venues have anywhere else in the world is the Skybox. Yes, there are actually Skyboxes here at the MGM Grand, four of them in fact, and they can fit anywhere between eight and 20 people. The boxes look down on all of the action going on at the floor level, and they also offer up a clean shot at all of the TVs from above.

The sportsbook itself doesn't offer much else than the norm. Plenty of betting lines on all of the major events, but don't think that you're going to find a prop as to whether or not the third string tight end is going to score a touchdown or not on Sunday.

Though we really don't think that the sportsbook is totally ideal for more than the recreational bettor in relation to what else Vegas has to offer, the location of the MGM can't be beaten, as it is right in the middle of the Strip.

The poker room is where there is plenty of money to be made by pros. This is one of the biggest poker rooms that Sin City has to offer with 22 tables with plenty of space to operate. It is also a non-smoking facility, which is a massive positive for those that aren't smokers, and though it can be loud during the big game, the room is offset enough from the clubs and the sports book to be considered a quaint, relatively peaceful room. Wait times are often short in spite of the fact that hundreds flock to the MGM Grand every day to play cards, and that's due to the large number of tables that are almost all operating 24/7. If you're just looking for the casual game, you won't find it, as the MGM Grand is known for its 20-somethings and 30-somethings that are just here to try to strike it rich. Some will succeed, but most are just amateurs destined to get cleaned out.

The MGM Grand is a very diverse resort that could be considered a great place to stay if going to Las Vegas. If you're looking for features at the sportsbook, you probably won't find anything all that interesting unless you're going to shell out the bucks for the Skybox, but you'll still find a functional area with everything that you'll need in one area.