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    B-bets froze my account and stole my money!

    Hello everyone! I was trying to login at b-bets and i get a message that my account is
    frozen. I wrote to support and they told me that i breached their rules and
    terms and they are freezing my left money at the balance. They dont want to explain what i have done to break their rules. They even close the chat when i am asking for explanation. I have been playing for several months only single bets and i dont used any bonuses. They done that after i had a big winning and when i tried to withdraw my money. Dont want even to give me my deposit back. This is pure stealing.

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    Big winning is bad news for mickey mouse

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    Try the parent company support email shown below.

    If that doesn't work you can submit a formal complaint here: https://www.mga.org.mt/player-hub/lodge-a-complaint/

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    Hope u get your winnings bro