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    Beware bol uncertified casino

    BOL casino has been crazy lately. Blackjack has been more absurd than usual. Anyhow I went on chat and they assured me that that they were certified by GLI. So I went to GLI site and they have no mention of BOL. The chat guy then backtracked and said they are licensed and that's what he meant by certified and their rules said it was fair. Don't do business with this guys. They will try to lie to your face and when you call them out they backtrack and then lie again..... I have snapshots of the chats if anyone wants to see them. Just send me your email on my DMs

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    they were famously caught dealing from the bottom of the deck on the live casino... i would totally avoid the casino, live casino, and live betting there. live betting they will just randomly cancel your bets an hour later