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    YOUWAGER (Access denied)

    Two years ago I opened an account at Youwager. I made a deposit normally via bitcoin, but after some inplay bets they informed me that they don't allow live betting from my country (Greece). However, I was able to place long-term bets and prematch. I had about a year to login. Now I have decided to play the remaining funds left in the account in future bets. But when I try to connect with Youwager, the following message comecomes out "Error 1020 Access denied". I cleared cookies & catche, I changed browser, device and ip without result. Does anyone know why this happens and how can i access Youwager?

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    Sounds like you are geo-blocked.

    You can find the Youwager contact details here: https://www.sportsbookreview.com/bet...ites/youwager/

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