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    Sunday World Cup Bets

    Croatia -1. Japan weren't particularly exciting vs Australia, scoring what might be described as a lucky goal. Apart from that incident, i don't recall them showing too much at all. Croatia on the other hand WERE impressive if not a little cautious against Brazil. I certainly feel that Croatia are the better team. As such, they should be able to defeat the Japanese tonight. Considering Australia are facing Brazil tonight too, this game is a must win if Croatia wish to advance. My only concern will be the margin, however a one goal win will equal a push. I'm happy enough to take my chances.

    Australia +1.5/2. I'm a little bias in regards this contest. However i honestly believe the Aussies will give their all and make this more of a contest than most believe. Brazil certainly have plenty of class, but barring some freakish events the Aussies will push them all the way. I think it'll be close. Perhaps 2-1, who knows. I'll take the two goals on offer with the Aussies.

    France vs South Korea. Not really that fussed about this one. France have the talent to beat Korea you would think, and quite easily too. Yet in both the last World Cup and so far in this one, they have failed to deliver. Could tonight be the night? Who cares! I for one won't be going near them until they demonstrate some ability to function as a team and not a collective group of individuals. Anyone else got an angle to play here?

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    Trying these today.

    Japan +0.5 +153
    Australia +1.5 +132
    Korea +1.5 -114

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    Nice pick with Japan.
    I think your other picks are nice, too... I just don't want to touch any of the games today. Bad lines, bad teams and bad matchups for betting.

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    What a disgraceful performance. I'm not going to say anymore than that. Weak as piss.