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    Misleading Thread Titles

    SBR should not allow the word "Scam" in the title of a complaint thread, it almost never is a scam and SBR has to often retitle.

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    People think their thread will either get more noticed in search engines, and/or putting scam there pressures the book.

    It might be ok if the player is clearly in the right, and the book has already come to decision, but the people who come on here saying "XYZ are scammers as they asked for ID and wont tell me why" actually do themselves more harm than good most of the time. Quite often it's not clear and we need the book to agree to give the player the benefit anyway. A player publicly attacking them rarely gets that sort goodwill. Books tend to dig heels in most of the time when someone goes on public war path. They feel more need to justify they were correct in those cases and won't bend to give the scam accuser the opportunity to trash them again after being paid saying "Told ya so, they admitted they were wrong and paid me"... or not even the player saying that, some other helpful soul will almost always jump in and say that sort of thing afterward.

    The fruit of what is sown by "scam" thread title people.

    One good thing, you know before you click a new thread that there is more than 50% chance the poster is an idiot or an urger when you see "scam" in the title of a thread

    Anyway, we do try to keep the Sportsbooks & Industry sub forum even handed and fair to players and books. But changing a title like that every time soon develops into a chorus of "SBR is paid to protect the book and deleting my scam word" posts... which is probably more annoying to that sub forum that the scam threads to start with. lol
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    That’s a good point Opti some start a thread because they feel they’ve been wronged, even if you just miss read the rules.

    Editing thread titles would definitely cause chants of “SBR is a shill” when not warranted.

    Changing thread titles with incorrect, or outdated news, is a better use of that moderating.

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