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    I don't believe you ... please continue
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    Quote Originally Posted by DwightShrute View Post
    Lets not lose sight of the reason why those guys were. They banned the President of the United States.

    They banned anyone who suggested masks don't help fight Covid. They banned anyone who suggested the Chinese virus came from a lab in Wuhan where they study viruses and perform gain of function research which they denied. Now, you can say those things.

    When Musk initially made the offer to buy Twitter, many conservatives like Don jr and others immediately saw the number of followers increase by thousands overnight. They were shadow banning people.

    If Twitter does any of those things, then ya probably you are right. Imagine if Twitter blocks Biden's account or blocks CNN for an article they don't want people to see?
    The last two sentences, it's their right this is America block away! If you are majority share holder run your company. Over 230 years of newspaper, radio, and TV having who they want to be heard on their platform internet business should be no different! It's just the new kid on the block ! A private sector business cannot take your 1st amendment rights . Unless they kidnap, blackmail or kill you!

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