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    Jim Harbaugh, Andrew Luck

    So we pretty much understand that Coach Jim Harbaugh will not be leaving Stanford to join his alma mater in the Michigan system next year; However were also not certain that he will be staying at Stanford. Monday night after Stanfordís victory over Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl, Harbaugh more or less evaded the questions surrounding his decision to choose to stay at Stanford or move on to the NFL. With his contract up, many coaching vacancies in the NFL, and his QB Andrew Luck likely to opt into the NFL draft, Im curious as to whether the two will end up being reunited in 2011. One way is that the two can opt to stay one more year at Stanford. The other way, and maybe less possible, but also more interesting, is the fact that the Carolina Panthers have a Head Coaching vacancy, and hold the Number 1 pick in this years NFL draft. What Im thinking is what are the chances that the Panthers sign Harbaugh as their head coach and also in April draft Andrew Luck as the number One. Harbaugh was a career QB in the NFL, he was drafted by the Bears in the first round, he has coached in the NFL, and he has had success coaching in the NCAA. He seems like a great candidate for the position in Carolina, and if they draft Luck, Harbaugh and Luck have already had an alliance, and I feel Luck would feel more comfortable having his coach from the year before at least to begin his NFL career. What are your opinions/thought/ideas?

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    I think part of the intrigue of the NFL for Harbaugh is that he can have Luck as his QB. He thinks the world of Luck, and in envisioning Superbowl rings with him. He may be even trying to coax San Fran into trading for that number one pick...Also, NFL Labor deal has to be a huge factor as well. They will be kicking themselves if they both make the jump and there is no NFL next year.

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    I see him in Frisco.

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    I think he will go to the pros before taking a college job

    You cannot win at Michigan anymore

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    Richardson of Carolina talked today to the media and indicated that they would like to go after an up and coming NFL assistant coach. You will probably not see them reunited in Carolina.

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    I wouldn't be surprised if Elway gets Harbaugh to come to Denver and they swing a trade with Carolina to get Luck...that would be a match made in heaven for years to come.

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    If he comes out Carolina will take him, they will not trade the number one away.