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    Quote Originally Posted by masr View Post
    Newsom has ruined this beautiful state.
    We pay the highest taxes in the nation...plus the highest homelessness, rolling blackouts, open border, misused taxpayer funds.
    That Fukk has a $75 million fund
    (our money!!) for illegal aliens if they need counsel.
    He should be tried and hung in public
    The guy can go straight to hell.
    My wife works for the state, and she had to take a 10% cut because he was afraid the state would be in the red for $50 billion. One year later, the state was $100 billion in the black. Yet he won't give the 10% back to the employees. Instead he is handing out billion's of dollars to new programs.
    I hope the devil fuks him hard, and puts pineapples up his ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MinnesotaFats View Post
    Absolutely ZERO chance

    Pelosi is his aunt

    If the libs can get Biden elected, Ppl like AL Franken elected.. then they got this

    There are that many fukkin retards in America
    THe democrat party is throwing millions of dollars at keeping him in.
    I hear ads all the time on TV and radio, as well as ads in papers and billboards.
    They are trying to connect this recall to the same people that went to the capital on January 6th.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gauchojake View Post
    I think elder has a shot but the guy is honestly a dunce. Would prefer Faulconer but he doesn’t have the exposure that Elder does.

    while I agree that bums and hippies have been a problem here since time immemorial, the issue is out of control under his watch and he deserves plenty of blame for not curtailing it sooner.
    What can he or anyone do to curtail the homeless? Most of them are mentally ill You can give them a home and they will find a way out of it. I was in Hollyweird a couple weeks ago and I forgot how crazy people are. Nothing but nutcases roaming the streets. These people need hospitals but if you think your taxes are high now. You can try to ship them to Arizona but they will find their way back to the fun and sun.

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    Most homeless are drugs addicts it was not like that years ago that is the issue

    Dangerous too

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