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    full head of hair


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    Jaker if you ever start to go bald the best way to keep your hair is in a shoebox

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawkeye 16 View Post
    It is hot and humid as hell here in the Midwest. The NYY/MIN over is at 11. I actually took the under this morning in a couple small contests before I checked the weather. I'm just saying that because I don't want to sound misleading. I'd change them if I could.

    The over 11 might be in play. Usually hot and humid weather will lead to some runs. Plus, I think the pitchers ERA's are up there.

    It might be worth a shot. I'll make a small bet on the over. And yes, I am bald or at least I'm getting close to it.
    Well that was one of the luckiest wins I've had in awhile. Bottom 9th walk off rally. I had 4 runs in the first inning. Thought it was golden, but then I thought it was done.


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    Bald is beautiful not hating.. When chicks try it and own it in public then that gets a little scary.

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