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    Quote Originally Posted by KVB View Post
    lol, no can of worms ck.

    I didn't see the link, but you have to actually look at the content of the link you are posting. Did you? Did you look at all the content, ads, etc?

    I'm guessing it's pretty obvious why SBR took it down, and I'm guessing you know exactly why as well.

    Probably a tout site, selling picks, but if it's just another scoreboard with odds, that might do it too.

    It's not the same as linking, say, this...


    The only thing they look like they are selling is access to the full site. I tried looking at the Memphis game last night and it said it was limited to media credentials. Maybe because it was on tv?

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    HM i had a dream this morning, i got chase around all night by a damn scoreboard...........i woke up in a cold sweat lol

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    I just use thomorinoodds.com. This site has made me a fortune dumb shits
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First 123