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    They're all crooks and criminals. I just have a really bad feeling about ghetto ho Kamaltoe taking the office after Biden dies in the next 6 months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghenghis Kahn View Post
    He won't fire Fauci, if he was gonna do it, he would've done it long time ago.

    Fauci is a little weasel that needs to be shot. That fukker killed a lot of people directly and indirectly.
    I agree about your assessment of the little penetrate. However I disagree. Trump will not go down without making that mother rooster_eater pay. So I believe he will have a nice task force press conference at which he will thank the little bastard for his service and say your fired and can leave now. Will do this on live tv

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    You see where my mind is. Hahaha. In the gutter.

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    Lies. Just stop

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