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    Three Best Bets to Win the AFC

    The 2020 NFL season will look much different than seasons past considering limitations on crowd sizes, but that doesn’t change the potential profit that’s there for the taking.We’re still aggressively hunting betting lines, and the successful bettor and informed fan is looking at historical trends to predict the future. Stats help tell stories that narratives misconstrue.We’re looking at the three best bets to win the AFC in 2020. We’re not only going to consider the raw talent of these teams but also the value of their odds. It’s easy to predict the favorites, but a key injury can open the door for a sudden riser to grasp the AFC crown. Here’s our top three bets in the AFC and where you can score the line.
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    I like the colts a lot myself. I do worry about the teams with coaching or qb changes with the limited offseason but rivers is already familiar with indys system having played under these guys in SD, I think he gonna have a big bounce back year playing behind a great Oline, rushing attack, and a coaching staff with much better offensive minds. Remember when this team went into kc and physically dominated them in a game they kept around 20?!?! They are a serious threat and playing in the weakened afc south should allow them to get a home playoff game or 2!

    I love the steelers defense, they really took off after trading for Mika fitzpatrick who turned into a absolute ball hawk in that defense! Problem being that division is loaded, outside of cincy not sure any division boast 3 better rosters than balty, Pitt, and Cleveland? Big Ben has to be a upgrade over the bums they had manning the qb spot last year but I still don’t have a lot of faith in their weapons on offense. That said they went 8-8 and almost made the playoffs last year with those scrubs playing qb so seems pretty likely they will nab one the extra wild card spots (although Cleveland could make things interesting if the new staff can get baker to act right!! While I think they prob get one the last WC spots I don’t think this team has enough to win more than a game in the playoffs.

    Denver another squad I think could crash the party this year. Being a mizzou fan I saw a lot of Drew Lock in college and I gotta say i was not a believer. It could have been the inadequate coaches he had at mizzou were holding him back cause he looked really impressive down the stretch last season. Donks front office has done a fantastic job surrounding him with weapons, this offense could be scary good if they hit on Lock and he takes another step forward this season! I know Fangio can coach defense and his book end pass rushing beast will be healthy this year so this a team I think could give kc a run for their money in the west!

    Love what they doing in Miami even tho they are prob still one year away. IF Tua is healthy and wins the job sooner than later these guys could make some noise! They have a bunch more draft picks stockpiled for the ‘21 draft tho and that probably when they make their splash! I think they will be competitive enough this year in the east that everyone gonna see them coming next season! And who knows, the East is wide open now, could be they arrive a year early! Not like josh Allen scaring anyone in buffalo and who knows how the Cam as a patriot gonna work out? It will have to be with a monster rushing attack cause they have very few weapons for him to work with along with a deteriorating offensive line!

    Good article.

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    NE at good odds is a great bet

    The D is legit, Bill wants to prove something

    McDaniels has a QB that could run for 600 yards.....

    The division still stinks, Buff ok but anyone really thinking Allen isn't going to hurt himself?

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    patriots are worth the price

    hard to bet against the chiefs. i think it is dynasty time.

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    Stidham could run for 600 yards if he loses weight. Cam
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