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    <My NFL CarbonFiber built play> And the introduction of the NEW King of stand up...

    and it's not even close........
    (play @ the end of OP)

    I'm a life long huge fan of stand up comedy,from the 80's to present....

    However, from the latter 2000's until now, stand up comedy hit a
    wall of SHIT consisting of #Me Too's,#Millennial's, #R&D's,#Transgender's
    #Racial Righter's ETC,make it almost impossible for comedians to construct
    material without throwing sand somewhere, somehow but most certain in
    somebody's poor little Vagina and almost immediately BOOM the comedian's
    career is over for at least a while........!!!!

    I'm fukkin sick of it!!

    Lenny Bruce popped the cherry of the REAL comedy virgin,ever since comedy never looked back until the mid to late 2000's.......

    I mean all my favorite comedians have not adapted well except for one......

    My favorite comedians who hit it big after Y2K are Richard Jeni (committed suicide) ,Louis C.K.(victim of #Me Too),Dave Attell,Lewis Black,Dave Chappelle and
    Jim Norton all of whom lost my attention as if I had full blown ADHD within
    just a few minutes into their act....

    Well, except for Norton as he is a one of a kind real life hilarious freak!,Lol....
    His ability to make you cringe from unwanted sick as fukk sensory image
    overloads while making you split your gut like an epileptic patient
    in the middle of a full blown seizure simultaneously is flat out uncanny...........But you love him for it!!

    Yes,even Dave Chappelle has been slowly losing my attention span with every
    new routine.........He tries though..........Just can't adapt........

    There is only one comedian who has gotten better each and every time...
    His newest routine might be the best show I have ever "scene"......

    Can you Guess Who????????

    Now for my>

    [478] SAN FRANCISCO -5-110

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    Well Bill Burr is the best right now, even though I thought his last was kind of weak.

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    I slipped Tricky Dick a hit of LSD!
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    ^ Give that man a CIGAR!!!!

    Are you referring to Paper Tiger?

    If so, I respectfully disagree......

    I'm baffled though as you know who's the best but are 180
    from my comedic perception of the show????

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    I actually thought Dave Chapelle's latest special was very well done. It had an interesting balance of social commentary and comedy and really poked fun at a lot of people/groups. Bill Burr is always fun.
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    the pittaburgh steelers
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