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    Pick 6 Contest weekly FREE PLAY winners

    Holy cow we had 59 people win the 600 point FREE PLAY!!! that is a lot of FREE PLAY action to use in the SBR Sportsbook...

    Here are the teams that recorded a PICK 6 and COVERED the line ...Virginia,Missouri,UCONN,Arkansas St,UL Monroe, Wyoming,Penn St,Murray St, Oklahoma St, Oklahoma,San Fracisco 49ers, and Tennessee Titans. Nice work to all who won our PICK 6 bonus!!!

    Nicve work here...SBR is paying out MORE and MORE weekly with our new signature contest...

    Team Free Play WINNER
    Virginia 600 louisvillekid
    Missouri 600 xpress
    Missouri 600 ImmortalKrop
    Arkansas State 600 lockherup
    Arkansas State 600 BigRagoo62
    UL Monroe 600 dlowilly
    Wyoming 600 fried cheese
    Wyoming 600 Umbi
    Wyoming 600 rollthedice13
    Wyoming 600 daneblazer
    Wyoming 600 Xstream
    Wyoming 600 Dirty Suede
    Wyoming 600 El Niņo
    Wyoming 600 CMNoney
    Wyoming 600 SBR Tony
    Penn State 600 PharaohUB
    Penn State 600 Chris9080
    Penn State 600 kickenchicken70
    Penn State 600 Sean_Mychal
    Oklahoma 600 tjh
    San Francisco 49ers 600 TireMan
    San Francisco 49ers 600 MoneyyMitch
    San Francisco 49ers 600 Hilljacademics
    San Francisco 49ers 600 Triple King
    San Francisco 49ers 600 Chris1649
    San Francisco 49ers 600 eSTOXX
    San Francisco 49ers 600 no1here
    San Francisco 49ers 600 mattlaw
    San Francisco 49ers 600 JPrince3
    San Francisco 49ers 600 bretb27
    San Francisco 49ers 600 Shawnyb7000
    San Francisco 49ers 600 Jacobyy
    San Francisco 49ers 600 cricketer
    San Francisco 49ers 600 CharmaneStar
    San Francisco 49ers 600 gbadilla
    San Francisco 49ers 600 Dre2331
    San Francisco 49ers 600 jrjay93
    San Francisco 49ers 600 JoeyDoverstreet
    San Francisco 49ers 600 SportsAce
    San Francisco 49ers 600 bastians
    San Francisco 49ers 600 CCFitness
    Tennessee Titans 600 kicksgalore2k
    Tennessee Titans 600 Grompit
    Tennessee Titans 600 Iwinwithsports
    Tennessee Titans 600 gryfyn1
    Tennessee Titans 600 dr.sauce
    Tennessee Titans 600 AviGold
    Tennessee Titans 600 dogkatcher
    Tennessee Titans 600 enifman9
    Tennessee Titans 600 Phinsphan315
    Tennessee Titans 600 Microphone
    Tennessee Titans 600 darys
    Tennessee Titans 600 pimike
    Tennessee Titans 600 MAERD SREPINS
    Tennessee Titans 600 jonvel24
    Tennessee Titans 600 hitman2000
    Tennessee Titans 600 kgindy
    Tennessee Titans 600 Wolverine88
    Tennessee Titans 600 ibetalotman
    Tennessee Titans 600 goucla
    Tennessee Titans 600 pokerdevil
    Tennessee Titans 600 ciscokidyo
    Tennessee Titans 600 donsimms2717
    Tennessee Titans 600 Drew Martin
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    Leave of absence until March Madness
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    great job men

    fun addition

    i used a +units total as my best bet so i was out of this before it began

    it won but was too fukkin drunk, wanted to get them all in college football and went 1-3 with my last bets

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    SBR Genie
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    Congrats for all the winners of 600 freeplay bonus! Great win guys!

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    Go Get Laid Man!
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    Nice work gents

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    Leave of absence until March Madness
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    oh wow

    i thought 200pt freeplay

    but that is djbigboss contest

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    Went 4-0 ncaa
    0-2 nfl lol

    Congratulations winners

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    SBR Drew
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    Now we credited all of the Bet Point winners. Those lucky people who won a share of the 10,000 Bet Point prizes awarded !!

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    Congrats Men

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    SBR Drew
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    Here are the Pick 6 CASH WINNERS!!! Please send me your bitcoin wallet information...

    1. Al Masters $300
    2. BlumpkinSpice $200
    3. PSD999 $200
    4. Ciscokidyo $88
    5. Domdrum $125
    6. MikeNorml $50
    7. Krashman $100
    8. Tabletka $100
    9. Cmaulsby $100
    10. Kfranz31 $100
    11. Mrpapageorgio $100
    12. TheGuesser $100
    13. Ardmorie $37

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    Nice pickin my dudes

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    Al Masters
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    Thanks SBR always a fun contest when you
    find yourself in first place, although I feel for
    those that went 5-1 and got nada.

    Very Happy I won make no mistake about it.

    I have mixed feelings

    a)I feel a bit like I could be the poster boy
    for why one should be a pro.

    b) I just saved SBR $300 so I have given
    back as a non pro.

    c) Time to turn pro for me.

    GL in week 2 to all.

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    LT Profits
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    There were actually 64 winners, note the 5 added Tennessee winners at bottom of Post #1