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    no Mcvay is because he can remember in his head how many yards they got on the 3rd punt of last years 4th game, LMAO. Offensive genius puts up a 3 spot in the dance!

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    McVay admitted he was over coached.

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    Had 30 hours or so to digest everything.... let the emotions subside.

    Things I noticed about the Super Bowl...

    1. Rams offensive constant motion at the line of scrimmage didn't do a damn thing to confuse New England... it's like they knew it was coming.

    2. Goff didn't perform well... looked like a goof out there.

    3. McVay should of had a back up plan... and a 2nd back up plan.... didn't seem to have one.

    4. Phillips had a tremendous defensive game plan.... personally if the TOP wasn't so lopsided.... and personnel wasn't so fatigue... they could of held New England to FG's the entire game.

    5. I noticed New England ran bunch/stacked formations with Edelman most of the time.... Rams didn't really defend it well.

    Not taking any credit away from New England.... they win the big games... that's what you need to do.

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