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    Is Huggie Bear really 0-5 in conference?

    Been slacking on my hoops here but wow, whats going on this year? Huggie always there in the end, but he got a bad squad or horrible schedule?

    Who's up on WV hoops?

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    Best player Konate out for the season. Last year’s excellent backcourt of Miles & Carter (now in NBA) graduated. Huggie plays a unique game and if the kids don’t buy in they simply suck, we’ve seen it before like 5 years ago. They don’t shoot jump shots well so they rely on intense defense and aggressive offensive boards.
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    had no idea that pimp was a coach....

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    Worst second half team in basketball and itís been that way since 2017. Uninspired defense, not playing the press enough and probably doesnít have the personnel to properly run it at all. Dreadful backcourt play. Itís been an awful year. Team is playing inspired today but thatís only because olí Wv put 2 units on Kansas.

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    On over 75.5 second half. Hopefully these guys can make some 3s