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    Just received free payout check from You Wager via Fed Express.

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    betphoenix,bitcoin,6 days

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    $2,958 BTC with Heritage that took a little less than 3.5 hrs. 10am - 1:27p today. I guess there are some questioning on how much we're losing on BTC payouts. Coinbase received it at $2,954 but by the time it was available for me to withdraw the amount was $2,924.

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    All withdrawals I've received this month:

    -MyBookie $2,500 BTC 2 days (received 2% less, complained and got a free pay for missing funds)

    -JustBet $3,000 BTC 1 day (received 2% less, they go by blockchain.info price which is usually off by ~2% because their price is an average of several exchanges and some of the Asian exchanges have a much higher BTC price. So, according to blockchain.info's price they sent the right amount, but I would never get that price on a US exchange.)

    -BetNow $2,000 BTC 2 days (received 2% less, talked to customer support and got the standard price fluctuation. Didn't feel like arguing so I let it go.)

    -Betagame $2,500 same day (can't say method here but it was as good as cash)

    -Players Only $2,500 BTC 6 business days (3% fee)

    -5Dimes $2,500 BTC 1 day (received exact amount)

    -DSI $4,000 BTC 1 day (received exact amount)

    Seems like when a BTC withdrawal is off its always around 2%, pretty sure some of these processors are skimming, but I guess its just a cost of business.

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    Sent within an hour of emailing them.
    Their payout processor put a very low fee and it took 2 hours to confirm.

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    $500 BTC
    2 hours

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    Requested Jan. 24th
    Received Jan 25th
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    BOVADA - - Bitcoin 15 minutes ($900)

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