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    I dont think bama is undefeated without tua, with hurts all year I see a loss or two or who knows how many. even though theyve all been good this is one of bama's worst defenses in the saban era, it is the worst against the run and one of his worst rushing offenses even though theyve all been good. tua threw 37 tds and 4 picks to murray's 40 tds and 7 picks so I doubt if you erase murray's 4th qtr numbers they would be better than tua's. so 200 fewer snaps than 1 guy and 400 fewer against another and against better defenses and basically put up the same numbers, its a no brainer to me. tua's problem was he was too good for his own good, bama destroyed every team they played and the games werent very competitive. Ive never seen a guy take a hit for doing something too well, its a sad day for humanity lol
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    Ohio state crapped the crib vs Purdue and they missed the playoff

    Tua crapped the bed v georgia and lost the heisman

    The rest is just noise.

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