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    betus recent scam

    i am a black member with betus...been with them since 2008.....i get an entry to the 5000$ guaranteed blackjack tournament....it costs $5 for every rebuy.....i ended up spending 200$ but ended up with a high score....but had to finish out one hand to complete the entry otherwise it doesnt count.....i went to play the hand just now but they erased all my entries and kept my money......they are telling me the casino manager is gone for the day and nothing can be done until tmrw.....do i have any recourse....??? does anyone govern them to make sure they arent stealing from people?

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    I'd wait to see what they say tomorrow when the Casino Manager is back in the office. If you're still not satisfied with their response then I'd suggest filling out a complaint form and one of our Dispute Analysts will take a look at your case