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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbywaves View Post
    Sure go ahead...I claimed the exact opposite, as I won't pay for it.

    Of course the lap dances were free, it was from the girl I picked up.

    A couple loser trolls even followed me to the bar after the SBR function, to watch more lap dances.
    Whatever you say boss. Do you find chicks are turned on by man boobs?

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    Lots of guys quit after the big cut back in points

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    Quote Originally Posted by sourtwist View Post
    You're gonna pay for everything you say

    I know this doesn't seem real to you, like you can say whatever you want with no repercussions

    Thinking like that is wrong, and I will show you why....this is your last warning
    You trolled me with a thread calling me out, so I’ll respond & say whatever I want to you on this forum & to your face.

    I’m obviously not scared of you, Donkey, or anyone else. This was clearly demonstrated when I showed up to the 2015 Bash, attended every SBR function, making myself readily available in between lap dances to anyone who has a problem with Waves. Of course, you & Donkey were nowhere to be found.

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