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    Actually Vegas is pretty cheap for SB weekend. Most people prefer to stay home and go to their local boring SB parties.

    Wife wanted to catch a concert (the killers) and do some gambling. Luckily we are up a little right now. If I can just keep her off of 3 card poker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firedawg View Post
    Gl pal

    What course y’all playing
    3 different ones. Today was Highland Falls, tomorrow Royal Links, Sunday TPC.

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    Have fun guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RangeFinder View Post
    No rook here, jj. I know this town inside and out.

    Got out with 79 today so I'm behind

    Need to putt better, should've been 75.

    2 more days and plenty of time.

    Now making calls for some inside plays at the sportsbook.

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    Chillin w/Goat til We Do it Again
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    good luck finders, have fun be safe win money mmm kay!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMoneyShot View Post
    AK.. make sure this thread is better than SWEEPER'S....


    We want some photos of some hookers and blow. Don't let us down.

    Or hookers blowing. Whichever comes first.

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