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    Trump wisdom - hit the enemy in the wallet

    US is now bombing Afghan opium production, the labs and storage facility. Trafficking is the lifeblood of the Taliban.

    So where was Bush and Obama the last 16 years of Afghan war. Unable to find the opium production? Heh, yeah right.

    Stuff like this should make you think.

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    There are videos of US service men watching over fields of opium. It is a big joke. We spend/give over $6 billion dollars a year to them, and people haven't figured out during the last 15-20 years why the opiate crisis has happened?
    There are large areas in Afghan where it is legal to grow opium, and the families sell it to the 'state', after that no one knows what happens to it... might sound like a conspiracy to some, but for me I don't wonder where the Taliban and other groups are get their money.