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    Paint my casket black with a big ass #3
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fidel_CashFlow View Post
    he's shitting in his poorly designed bathroom
    pics of bathroom? im kinda a pro at this shit

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    Hodge going for 17th straight
    Nicely done whoever you are

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    rkelly sniffs during golden showers
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    well at least he showed up to this thread

    that pick % is crazy tho and nailing the best bets

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    Ralphie Halves
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    Big deal. BigDaddyQH has lost 13 picks in a row. That's impressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RudyRuetigger View Post
    so if i give facts, i hate the whole military

    or, i can let you spew ignorant shit and think you are right


    army is for ignorant fukks in high school that were too stupid to get into a real college

    and if you were in ROTC, congrats on your EXTRA free ride
    i actually have a degree in software engineering. What about you?

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    get busy living au revoir
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    many people on here cant stand others doing well its sad congrats on your win streak and bol in the contest

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAKEPEAVY21 View Post
    agreed, penetrate this freerolling clown
    Why the anger gents?

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    hes one of us
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    Quote Originally Posted by capitalist pig View Post
    Ex Army 4th ID here, thanks for your service. Congratulations on your BTP run. Donít pay attention to the haters they hate themselves as much as they hate anyone doing well.

    this 100% ... 82nd

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