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    Quote Originally Posted by JIBBBY View Post
    James insulted the Knicks rookie and now has the Knicks fired up.. On the Knicks +5, they play well at home...

    That ended up not so easy after all.. Knicks almost didn't cover the 5 points. . Whewwww!!!!..

    I thought this game was done after 3 quarters of play.. Cavs battled...


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    some of us took ny+5 and cle IP with the big deficit

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    Cav's do not give a shit about the regular season. These guys look like they are sleep walking most nights. You have to fade their asses every 1st quarter because they play some of the most uninspired basketball to start games. They wait until the 4th quarter to make runs. It's like they're trying to figure out what deficit they can come back from. They waited until the 4th quarter to start rebounding. Lue needs to find a way to fire their ass up because they don't give a damn. And Kevin Love, still sucks. They didn't start the comeback until Fred Munster and his lead feet left the game.

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    thanks for the post, it was one of the reasons I did not take CLE even .. keep it up GOAT

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