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    nfl sunday package...

    how much did u pay for it this yr?

    called directv on 9/9 asked to disconnect my service on 9/15
    the next day got a phone call, free nfl package and $20 off my bill, rejected their offer, then received an email with an offer, then a 2nd email, I knew what I want so called the number

    told the operator about their offer:
    Free NFL MAX
    3 months free premium channels
    $39.99 for their ultimate package for 12 months
    $200 **** rebate card (wasnt in their email), just mentioned it since I know about it, and got
    1 year contract

    rejected their genie upgrade, dont want a 2 yr contract, want to do it again next yr
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    suckers pay and watch football all day

    1 game each time slot wherever you live

    Stop letting football control you