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    Quote Originally Posted by RobbieStacks View Post
    Milwaukee +6.0 (zero confidence tbh, skip)
    Washington +2.5
    Portland +7.0
    San Antonio -9.5
    MEM-SA Game Total U 186.5

    Do you guys not understand that I gave you a free 5 game parlay? All you had to do was fade. Don't you understand that I did this on purpose, just like with the Bulls-Celtics ML thread? I said something boldly because I know that the plays end up getting buried when I post them with such conviction. Booya caught on, but he was too blinded by frustration to take the free money I was handing out.

    I'm playing for $100k on that free game. Do you really think I'd get something wrong if I was serious about it? I'm a talented gambler, my friends, this thread was all about that psychological swag I possess.


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    We all know it full of shit past posting Robbie

    had u won u would say the exact opposite but ur not even really betting on shit cause ur a broke ass

    Stop embarrassing urself

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