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    Baseball play for Thursday evening...

    Before if get to my play I want to say how dumb I was to go against a rule I follow betting baseball which is stay away from plays above -120. It just doesn't offer enough value in most cases and I was dumb enough to lay -133 last night and watch my pitcher struggle form the get go. Always horrible knowing you're in trouble as soon as you see your pitcher throw to the 1st hitter, but double tough when you lay too much juice. Lesson learned, I'll move on with still a small profit early on in the MLB season.

    Oakland-K.C Under 9. Like this for a few reason. First, is the value, and second I know some groups in Vegas hit the A's, the dog, which in general will tell you their starter Hahn is going to throw well. Third, Oakland not very good at hitting south paws. This gives me three bullets that tells me this game is going Under 9.

    Good luck if you follow along.

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    Good luck guy

    Hey do you sell guns ??

    Of course legally through those gun websites where you bid?