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    these guys are going to lose straight up as a double digit favorite at home. No way they win it all

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    They will not even get to finals

    Last year miracle win

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    Bogut broke his left tibia 1 minute into his first game as a Cav.

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    Wow what a clutz

    Rigged? Gs mole

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    They've lost 2 games a year since Lebron has been back in such a manner. It's no big deal to them. They will focus during the playoffs.


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    Last night has absolutely nothing to do with winning the East and getting to the Finals.

    Very frustrating for bettors, BUT this scenario is commonplace in todays NBA.
    Every year it gets worse and worse.

    Blame fans and ESPN. All anyone cares about is the ring. 73 wins....don`t give a fukk.
    82 games. Kids who grew up believing they were god`s gift. AAU culture.
    Draymond Green, annoying as hell, but today a tough guy.
    If you played in the 80s, 80% of the league were tougher than him.

    Can`t watch more than a minute or 2 of any regular season game.
    Just waiting for the playoffs.

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    Cavs are playing terrible defensively.

    They are without Kevin Love and JR Smith so you can't get a true measure of their team until both of those guys come back. When that happens, Korver, Darrin Williams and company will get slotted into their roles in the rotation.

    Thing is, there's only 20 something games left in the season so they've got to get everyone healthy and get their rotations set before the playoffs. Everything has to go right for them from here on out so they can lock in like they did last year.

    Doesn't look like it's going to happen but take out the bias you have against them and just look at them objectively. I wouldn't bet on them and I wouldn't bet against them. Too much talent

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    i think it largely comes down them not caring - perhaps subconsciously - about the regular season.

    and i think cleveland playoff success is much more dependent on its players being mentally and physically strong than other teams that pass more or have good defensive big

    as a raptors fan, it's been fairly eye opening. basically don't sweat the regular season that much. as player or fan

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    East will be a lot tougher