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    Sbr casino

    Lets hear some stories about big point payouts from the SBR Casino and in your opinion which game has the best/highest payout probability

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    SBR TRIVIA WINNER 11/28/2022

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    Lots of winners
    Lots of losers

    Need to play to have shot

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    Lots of dreams have come true there.

    New Year's Eve is when to hit them hard. From 12:58 to 1:02 am eastern.

    Employees will be counting down and won't be as active on death switch. Play multi hand blackjack for as much as you can get down. Those 4 mins only. 48% chance of winning. Best odds you'll ever get there.
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    I won "casino wars" one year...

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    i would say there all great .. need to max bet alot tho
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    i've thrown away 13-14k betpoints in slots this year; about the same amount last year.....

    haven't hit shit good in forever.....