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    d day

    On january 3 they are going to put in the supreme court justice. Before they do the swearing in the dems will have 50 to 40 senate lead. Biden's his last act of being in charge as long as he doesn't release the floor to the repubs can call to a vote on curiel. The would have the majority until he swears in the freshman. That would be the last screw you under the obama administration. There is nothing that the repubs could do about it. The people that would decide it would be supreme ct and they would be 4-4 which would allow it to fall on lower court. WHich is on the left.
    This wasn't mine . I just read it and thought that would be a last hurrah

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    Did we win?
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    There was only 1 D Day and it didn't involve a bunch of corrupt pussies.

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    Go Get Laid Man!
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