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    Quote Originally Posted by KnockEmDown View Post
    Langster I get it, the only team that can beat Bama is Bama, much respect for them. But just like Trump could never be president at +600 odds the night before the election, upsets can and do happen.

    I'm too old to be bitchn in public, so I really don't care who they choose. And 2nd, they wouldn't have "let" those crappy teams in, those crappy teams would have earned it and I could live with that. Plus there would be some awesome bowl matchups outide the playoffs. A few certainties in life: the sun will always rise from the east, sugar causes cancer, aliens exist and are among us (a few them post here), and college football D1 will always be rigged.
    i would somewhat agree with you, on many occasions the differences between conference finalists are not that big and the team that wins should be ranked higher, but there are those scenarios like today, where no matter who wins, there is only one team deserving to be in the playoffs

    there has to be a flexibility in choosing the playoff teams, so that we dont get situations were an outlier of a result keeps a good team out and a mediocre team in

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    always bet on Alabama , or pass ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtoler View Post
    Saban does the same thing every year, its smart acting on his part to keep his team motivated and focused. They usually come into these late games focused and they crush. You gotta figure UF might score no more than 13 and one of them may be a special teams score, Bama gonna wear them down.
    3 pts off, UF shouldnt score anymore. Bama crushes late in the year, on to the playoffs where nobody has a chance.

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    Roll Tide

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    if they win by 45, do they keep the no. 1 seed??????

    I think they may need one more touchdown.....

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    Fukken A

First 12