I just put n two bets on the games below and can cancel one at halftime....not a bad deal...bets up to $250.... details below...


Our most popular promo has a new twist this month, place internet wagers on the 2 featured games: BGSU @ Akron OR Toledo @ NIU, if at anytime before the start of the 2nd half you decide that 1 of the 2 wagers isn't going the way that you had hoped, you can cancel it directly from your account online at no cost! It's like a guaranteed win!
Requests to cancel your bet on BGSU @ Akron OR Toledo @ NIU game will be made available when the games kicks off on Wednesday November 9 and you will have until the start of the 2nd half to cancel your bet for free.


STEP 1. Click the button at the bottom of this page between kickoff and start of the second half
and you will see a list of wagers eligible for cancelation.

STEP 2. Select the bet that you wish to cancel by clicking the radio button located at the left.

STEP 3. Confirm your cancelation with your password.

Your wager will be cancelled and your account balance will be updated. We hope you make the right call!

This promotion only applies to one bet on either the BGSU @ Akron or Toledo @ NIU Football games on Wednesday November 9.
This is an ON-LINE promotion and we will not accept cancellation requests via telephone, e-mail or chat in our Wagering or Customer Service Departments.
This promotion applies to straight wagers only. You can not place wagers on both sides of the game.
You can only cancel one wager on one game.
The straight wager must be on the full game side up to a maximum $250.
Money Lines, Totals, Parlays, Teasers, If-Bets, Props and Free Play Bets are not eligible for this promotion.
Bets where more than 2 full points were bought or sold are not eligible for this promotion.
If depositing without a bonus with the sole intention of just betting the "Get Out of Your Bet at Halftime" a 3X rollover will apply on any amount bet on the bailout.
This promo is not available for players deemed professional.
NOTE: If you plan on wagering more than $250 on the game, we suggest that you do so with multiple bets to allow for the easy cancelation of the maximum allowed $250 wager.