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    rkelly sniffs during golden showers
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    Quote Originally Posted by goduke View Post
    Where's my lies? Post up. You don't offer any counter arguments here. Not a lie a fact. Post up your argument bi.tch

    Quote Originally Posted by goduke View Post
    You don't post anything piece of shit. You just come in criticize, don't offer any facts or evidence of anything you say. I can't wait till someone stabs you and ends your miserable life
    obvious that is bs and you're lying. I don't need to prove something, that is on your moron. Go through my post history and you're going to stay quiet. So stop lying.

    Lol I didn't get that moron dante to retire by posting like a child like yourself goduke. I did it with facts just like the fact I was on trump since 2012. Just like the obvious fact you're an upset child right now.

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    Originally Posted by bigtymer56
    Who would actually want the President to fail? I just hope he doesn't follow through on any of the promises he made during the campaign.
    Quote Originally Posted by Auto Donk View Post
    1. anyone who is named "mohammed"
    2. anyone who has read the Koran and follows its teachings
    3. NWO
    4. CERN
    5. LADY GAGA and Madonna
    6. according to Nigel Powers, "The Dutch"
    7. and lastly, my left nut.... it has a mind of its own and seems to always want to do something different than I do.... why I often offer it up to bang this chick or that chick

    You forgot Mitch McConnell, and a few other douchebags of his ilk. Just keeping it fair and balanced.

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    Paint my casket black with a big ass #3
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    The fact the correct person won, and 99% of the internet is a pissed off retard makes me hate this country less. Maybe it's not as braindead as I assumed.

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    grunching here........... but one thing that really bothered me is that i think many people and some lawmakers wanted obama to fail. they would have supported many of his initiatives if they'd come from other politicians.

    it will disapppoint me if it becomes the same - elizabeth warren etc. - with trump. although in this case i do think those lawmakers more legitimately disagree with trump. but trump may moderate.

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