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    several interesting comments here.
    since most sports bettors lose over time in any given sport (not all, but most) i think it would be wise to try first to determine if u r a winning capper. because if u r an average capper then, as a few already mentioned, neither method will bring success nor even reduce losses.
    do a practice run on a full season for your sport.
    try to determine your good picks and TOP picks.
    if u win consistently with your TOP picks only but not the others after a full season then forget the regular ones altogether and only bet your TOP picks next season - flat betting - 2-5% br each.
    but if u r skilled enough to win consistently with your good picks (over 53% avg), and a much higher win percentage with your TOP picks, then it would make sense to flat bet your regular good picks and bet more on your TOP picks (max 2 units, seems sound)
    repeating, this only makes good common sense IF u r a proven concsistent winning capper.
    2 or 3 yrs practice would be better than just one to determine if u r.
    if not, probably shouldn't bet

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    I'm no pro, but this is how I do it:

    1. Initial BR for entire regular season = X$
    2. X$ / 16 = Weekly BR available.
    3. After first week, recalculate BR = X$
    4. X$ / 15 = Weekly BR available.
    5. And so forth.

    You win, your Weekly BR grows. You lose, still have same Weekly BR available to wake another swing and you will never deplete your BR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eidolon View Post
    Flat betting; because unit betting opens up a door to the fallibility of the mind.
    This seems to be my problem. Can't handle the stakes when my bank roll increases even though betting same %.

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    There are some guys that do play more on games versus other games but I don't recommend it just so many different theories who the heck knows

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    Simply picking a team to win/cover then probably flat. Picking teams while knowing your edge on each game then unit.

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