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    Connecticut +7.5 over Kansas

    a) Take this with a grain of salt, I am a die hard UConn homer.

    b) This UConn team is really starting to look like the Napier/Boatright team of 2014 that did not really have that spectacular regular season and then went on a magic carpet ride.

    c) Kevin Ollie is 7 and 0 (as in never lost a NCAA tourney game) and has to be considered a big time NCAA coach in one and done high pressure cooker games.

    d) It's an underdog tournament (so far) might as well keep riding the bow-wows.
    I mean, nothing really makes sense this entire weekend, why the hell not ride the Huskies one more time.

    e) Did I mention I'm a Husky homer?

    Seriously now, if I wasn't a Husky homer I'd still think 7.5 is a generous spot here.

    UConn +7.5 2* nothing big, but there is (uh-oh, here comes the 'v' word) there is value here.

    Good luck gents.

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    Might be worth a play

    Kansas is loaded though

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    Tailing nasher. Don't fukk me

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    I am a Uconn homer as well. Huskies never get the credit they deserve. This is when they win championships though. This team actually reminds me of 2011 team that won it. I actually took them moneyline. If they win this they win the tournament.