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    remember when obama said he learned hillary email personal by news media

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    Mr KLC
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    This coming out won't phase him in any way. He'll just ignore it, and go to his Muslim Brotherhood mosque this week like nothing ever happened.
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    Hillary = 298 pounds of Evil…

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    However bad, however fugly, she will be called POTUS.
    Amazing how powerless the people really are.
    Can't beat the corporate string pullers.
    Done dealio.

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    Am i serious? Are you serious?
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    Pulled the string in Hilary several months ago...

    Basically as assured as a bank term deposit at this point only with a 50+%ROI...

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    Boyz, if Bernie can give Hill a run for her money amongst Dems, she is very beatable in the Presidential elections. The GOP has to come to grips with the fact that Trump is unelectable and Cruz is not gonna work. The only Republican that can beat Hillary is Rubeo. He's younger, better looking (by a lot), steals her Hispanic vote, less corrupt (so far), and is way easier to like. Rubeo is their only hope.